Our Services
  • Annual and 100-Hour Inspections
  • Routine Maintenance & Repairs
  • Airframe Repairs
  • Power Plant Repair, Maintenance & Upgrades
  • Aircraft Detailing & Restoration
  • Monthly Aircraft Readiness Service (MARS)
  • Owner Directed Pre-Purchase Evaluations
  • Avionics Troubleshooting & Recommendations
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Online Maintenance & Records Portal
  • 24/7 Critical Response
Monthly Aircraft Readiness Service (MARS) MARS is a unique program offered exclusively by Van Allen Airmotive. Adding MARS to your aircraft's maintenance program means you are always ready to fly. With MARS, your aircraft will receive a comprehensive readiness review once a month.

  • Tire pressures are checked and adjusted if required
  • Oil and other fluid levels are checked (brake, TKS, hydraulic, etc)
  • Windows are cleaned
  • Battery condition is observed
  • An unofficial precautionary pre-flight check is performed with any discrepancies noted
  • Fuel is added, if needed, to a pre-determined level and is checked for water and contamination
  • Avionics databases are updated with your subscription information*
  • Any relevant logbook entries are made
  • Engine Monitor Logs are retrieved, uploaded and analyzed*
  • A Readiness Condition Report is created for the owner/pilot, noting any discrepancies or suggestions
  • Optional services include battery tender/trickle charging, cabin/engine pre-heating, test engine starts, cleaning and detailing, and other professional services
* Some exceptions apply
Our Value As aircraft owners, we understand what it takes to be a Good Shop. It takes clean work areas with tables and stands to keep your airplane parts safe and organized. It takes the right tools, service manuals, and maintenance information to guide a repair.

Good Shops have clear safety mechanisms in place and are visible to all. Employees are paid well and provided with benefits to keep them enthusiastic and dedicated. The repair process is detailed and transparent. And, Good Shops earn a reputation of providing value by being focused on doing what they do best. We strive every day to be a Good Shop.
Our Standard Our labor rates are competitive at $90 an hour and we offer fixed-rate Annual Inspections to help with your budget and planning. Our 24-hour on-field Critical Response rate is no different then our regular rate but with a four-hour minimum. Detailing service is provided on a scheduled basis, at our hangar for $70/hr, or at your location for $80/hr. We also offer a host of services and products that focus on ensuring that your aircraft is always airworthy and ready to fly.
Fly with an air of Confidence
Our Inventory Often times, waiting for parts to arrive creates the longest delay in getting an aircraft repaired. Van Allen Airmotive stocks the most commonly needed parts at our location. We have an affiliation with Platinum Aviation in West Palm Beach, Florida for hard-to-find parts sourcing and we are dealers or distributors for all of the major aircraft parts vendors. We can acquire the parts needed for your repair very quickly from immediate stock or, in most cases, via overnight delivery.
Our Difference
  • New, modern equipment using the latest technologies
  • Exclusive Triple-Check Safety Confidence System
  • Employees have an ownership interest in the company
  • A refreshing and committed culture of customer satisfaction
  • Continuing education programs for owner assisted maintenance
Our Culture Our team is focused on the details. Whether your aircraft requires routine maintenance or a major repair, we're driven to finish on time and on your schedule. Once we begin servicing your aircraft, we don't stop until the job is complete and your plane is ready to take flight.

Coordinated We use pre-service checklists to validate operation of your aircraft's working systems and accessories. With your approval, our team then performs repairs in a dedicated and exclusive fashion.
Efficient When we begin working on your aircraft, it has our full attention. We record every step of the repair with photos and videos as necessary, and complete a detailed, online Work Order for your records.
Safe We finish by thoroughly evaluating the results of the repairs, testing operations as required, and then signing off with our Triple Check Safety Confidence System.
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